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The Warm Home of Chance Garton

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Springfield, Missouri. The home of Chance Garton and his wife Haley. It has been a pleasure to spend today with my friend and host of the InnerVerse Podcast.

He set me up in his office while he was posting a very interesting new episode featuring Luc Cote and Matt Kahl, creators of a documentary called From Shock to Awe, about soldiers suffering from PTSD and their path to recovery using the plant medicine Ayahuasca. I can't wait to check it out! And I highly recommend you do the same. He has a great show and covers a variety of interesting topics. While he is a student of spirituality, he doesn't always have spiritual practitioners on his show. I appreciate that diversity!

While working in Chance's office, I did an internet session with a husband and wife from New Jersey. She heard my discussion with Judy Anderson on Jazz Up your Life with Judy and reached out to me because they were both suffering from negative entity attachments. I did extractions, one for each of them, and she said she felt the most relief when I removed the one attached to him. That shows you how much of an empath she is! They have already emailed me since to say it's been a huge lift of stress and burden from their lives.

I've found that negative entity (or energy) attachments are quite commonplace -- even among those who are walking an enlightened path. I'd say close to 75% of the people I work with have one. This continues to surprise me! And if 75% of enlightened people have them -- just think how many "normal" people must have them! It has to be over 99%.

Since I work with the Ancients -- which is a collective of ancient Earth tribes, including many shamans -- the extraction of negative entities is extremely easy for me to perform and it's highly effective. However, if a person has a negative entity from eating poorly, allowing fear to dominate their life, drinking alcohol, watching and subscribing to the negativity of the news, and from allowing negative people to affect them frequently, then the entity will return quickly. It's important to make positive changes in your life to ward off that foreign invader.

It has been a joy and pleasure to sharing a day with Chance in his home. After spending half of my life in Ohio and the other half in Chicago, it's so interesting to meet people who have lived in a completely different town and a completely different state their entire lives. Part of the reason I'm on this journey in the first place is in search of a place that I feel drawn to. A place I could call home.

Seeing this piece of art on their wall completely summarized the surreal feeling I had as I imagined what their lives must be like here...

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