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For Instant Relief


I have great news! For those of you who experience the torture of recurring entity attachments, this activation may take you to the next level.


If you use a shaman or lightworker to do clearings for you (or even use my activations, like the Negative Entity Removal) and you feel the positive benefits -- BUT -- after a week, a day, or even hours, the entities return, then you have what I call a Persistant Negative Entity Attachment. 


In these cases, you, like many others, will end up spending thousands of dollars for clearings that are only temporary. That's because there's something much deeper that must be resolved. In those cases, you will need to do one of the following (or perhaps all three:)


1. Raise your vibrational frequency (see my activation to do just that)

2. Step into your power (This activation)

3. Corral the mind (See my class, DETACHED)


You are a powerful being of light who intentionally FORGOT this fact so that you could take this 3D experience seriously! But this activation will help you REMEMBER your true power, and set you on a new path to dominate any entity that might come your way.


Negative entities are actually weak in comparison to you. So weak, they must draw from your power to have any chance of staying attached. Download this MP3 activation to help you step into your power so that you are no longer feeding them! It works by transforming your subconscious mind, your conscious mind, your energy field, and your emotional body. When you truly realize at all of these levels that you are the master and the entity is the servant, the torture and suffering can finally cease! 



This download is an MP3 file that can be transferred to your phone or your PC, so download with confidence. 


** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **


Negative Entity Attachment - Step Into Your Power

    I purchased your Negative Emotion Relief Pack and when I listened to the first audio, a huge sense of peace and calm washed over me.  It was like a big soft wave of Beautiful Blue Bliss flowed through me. I felt a lot of peace and calm in my mid-section as it washed tense feelings down and out of my body.  

    Wow, Amazing.


    Testimonial Melinda Hotho

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