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Ready for a Vibration Increase? 


This MP3 file will instantly and dramatically raise your vibration by 20-60%, depending on your current vibrational frequency. (On a scale of 1-10, your vibration will increase by at least 2 points, up to 4.) 


A Higher Vibration means easier access to positive emotional states, a release of lower density energies, an expansion of your light body, more access to your spiritual gifts, greater personal power, increased clarity, reduction of physical pain, you will attract higher-vibrational people into your life, you will naturally avoid lower-vibrational situations and information, you will be more apt to see the positives in the world around you, and more and more!


By listening to this audio file, will all of these things magically happen? Not necessarily overnight, but they will begin to happen! It is recommended you listen to this activation multiple times per week and supplement it with actions in your day-to-day life to increase your vibration. I touch on some simple practices in this MP3 file as well. 


This activation is a dramatic and powerful vibrational increase! After the first activation you may experience a state of euphoria throughout the day and it may take a few days to fully integrate the energy received. Please be patient as your body normalizes -- you may experience emotional fluctuations and tiredness or wide-awakeness over the first 48 hours. After normalization is complete, additional uses of the activation will result in less noticeable effects, but will keep your vibration humming along at a higher level until you naturally stay there through repeated use and your own practices. 


One user had this to say, "Xane’s Vibration Increase Activation is a tool I will continue to use often; it’s so quick and easy yet so profound and powerful! The increase in vibration has helped me maintain focus, increase energy, and expand my awareness."


This download is an MP3 file that can be transferred to your phone or your PC, so download with confidence. 


** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **




Raise Your Vibration

    I purchased your Negative Emotion Relief Pack and when I listened to the first audio, a huge sense of peace and calm washed over me.  It was like a big soft wave of Beautiful Blue Bliss flowed through me. I felt a lot of peace and calm in my mid-section as it washed tense feelings down and out of my body.  

    Wow, Amazing.


    Testimonial Melinda Hotho

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