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To my surprise, more than 70% of the clients who come to me have a negative entity attachment. Why am I surprised? Because my clients are generally already high-vibrational. And it's the first thing I do with any new client becuase these entities can cause so much havoc. They can block incoming energy work. They can cause you to have negative thoughts. They can cause physical pain throughout the body. They can induce brain fog. Really, just about any symptom could be caused by a negative entity attachment. 


And they are pesky! Some very powerful lightworkers have trouble removing them... especially from themselves. However, thanks to the extremely powerful Hathors and the Ancients -- a collective of ancient Earth tribes with plenty of shamanism represented among them -- the process is quick and easy. 


Download this MP3 activation to remove the negative entity or energies attached to you, plus an immediate Halo Chakra activation to give you extra protection so they aren't likely to return. This MP3 is ideal for practicing professional lightworkers who are exposed to negative entities and energies on a daily basis. Just play the 7-minute activation as often as you need to!


I had one client who was unable to receive any healing work for years because she was suffering from a negative entity attachment who blocked all incoming work while it whispered, "It will never work!" into her ear. As soon as she did the activation, the voice was gone, and she has been able to receive endless lightwork ever since! 


This download is an MP3 file that can be transferred to your phone or your PC, so download with confidence. 


** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **


Negative Entity Attachment - Banishment

    I purchased your Negative Emotion Relief Pack and when I listened to the first audio, a huge sense of peace and calm washed over me.  It was like a big soft wave of Beautiful Blue Bliss flowed through me. I felt a lot of peace and calm in my mid-section as it washed tense feelings down and out of my body.  

    Wow, Amazing.


    Testimonial Melinda Hotho

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