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All emotional frequencies come with either a positive or negative charge as a requirement for survival here on Earth. When we experience pain or fear, we also experience a negative response to those emotions so that we avoid them! This is also a survival mechanism.


In modern society, these negative aspects are more of a hindrance than a benefit. They cloud the mind/heart and make self-evaluation difficult. By temporarily removing these negative signatures (or neutralizing the charge), Xane's activations will still allow for the emotions to be explored for growth and self-expansion - just unencumbered by crippling negative physiological responses.


Download this MP3 activation to remove the negative signatures of depression and apathy. 


For best results, these activations should be played during the experience of these particular emotions. This will immediately remove the negative charge associated with the emotion as you are feeling it, allowing you to move into a place of non-polarity -- a heart-centered place -- and bring your divine consciousness forward to learn, grow, expand, and evaluate yourself and your situation without burden. 


Another way to look at this is to understand that emotions are just frequencies, and this activation will allow your body to tune into a less painful and problematic VERSION of depression and apathy. 


By doing this just a few times, you will have more discretion over which frequencies you want to bring in, and it will be easier to move into a heart-centered place to observe rather than be consumed by these negative emotional frequencies. 


This download is an MP3 file that can be transferred to your phone or your PC, so download with confidence. 


For more help on overcoming depression, definitely watch Xane's YouTube video here:


** These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **

Depression and Apathy

    I purchased your Negative Emotion Relief Pack and when I listened to the first audio, a huge sense of peace and calm washed over me.  It was like a big soft wave of Beautiful Blue Bliss flowed through me. I felt a lot of peace and calm in my mid-section as it washed tense feelings down and out of my body.  

    Wow, Amazing.


    Testimonial Melinda Hotho

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