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Soul Replacement

Around 20% of the humans on Earth have souls that are here to create chaos and disruption. The most well-known class of these chaos souls have been exposed as reptilian -- but they aren't the only type. Xane's most powerful and unique ability is to remove the chaos soul from its human incarnation and replace it with a soul of the highest light and order. The process includes the following:

  • Determine if the target has a chaos soul. If not, no replacement is necessary. Xane can do this by working with his guides before the procedure is scheduled.

  • Through a slight modification of the Soul Essence Activation, chaos souls willingly leave the host.

  • An activation of protection is made to temporarily guard the incarnation from reintegration. 

  • Xane then calls forth any soul of the highest light and order that would be willing and available to become associated with the target's incarnation.

  • The replacement is finalized.

Participants must be willing, and they must be able to hear Xane's voice. At this time, the procedure cannot be done blindly. However, this procedure is now possible with a large group. Any members of the group who are associated with reptilian or chaos souls receive the benefit of the Soul Replacement procedure. If an individual's soul is not a chaos soul, they will experience no change whatsoever.


Testimonial Karen Markham

I was a participant of Xane's mentoring program, and I have to say that working with Xane has been a truly transformational experience in my life. One that I had been seeking for a long time!

I have tried all of the self-help, workshops, and meditations; but speaking with Xane allowed for a non-judgmental, kind, compassionate approach to sensitive topics. It was easy to feel safe and I always felt free to be myself. I knew right away that I would be heard and respected.

Xane has a very gentle, yet raw approach that allowed me to fully take ownership of my part in life. His activation gave me the energetic tools I needed to work through my obstacles, and I still use these tools on a daily basis. 

I am grateful to have had such a presence as Xane in my life, thanks to his profound, deep awareness of human nature and the psyche.

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