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Go from Worried and Suffering to


Absolutely everyone is pursuing happiness. It's so important, that the pursuit was written into the U.S. Constitution 250 years ago as a basic human right, and we have been chasing it for longer than that!

What if you could go through the rest of your life in a happy state -- rather than just pursuing it? Enjoying the journey, rather than seeking a particular destination?


That's the state I've found myself in -- and I'd love to show you how to do it!

Completely Change your Life in 6 Weeks

DEFAULTING TO HAPPY is a one-of-a-kind transformational program designed for only those truly serious about eliminating suffering and loving every moment of every day. We do it by bombarding your light body with high-vibrational energy (every activation that Xane gives!) By changing your timeline, by reprogramming your crystal helpers, by raising your vibration, and by making deep and lasting mindset changes so you move into a place of release, surrender, and true freedom.

All I want is to see you End Your Suffering

My mission -- my purpose here on Earth -- is to help usher in our 5D ascension and 5D society. The only way to do this is to help people -- one person at a time -- release their low-vibrational burdens and FLOAT into an all new life. Where peace, unconditional love for all, and gratitude are your default emotional states. 

In short, to end your suffering and help you default to Happy!

After 12 hours of discussion and tons of activations – THREE HOURS OF ACTIVATIONS ALL TOLD – You will undergo a true transformation. I’ll be performing all of my most powerful activations – Soul Essence Activations for your Emotional body, your Physical Body, and for your Energy body. These will enhance your spiritual gifts, reduce your physical pain, release your traumas and burdens, lift your state of mind, raise your vibration and increase your daily supply of energy.


WHATEVER is ailing you will be reduced or removed completely, plus you’ll learn the mindset changes you'll need to keep it that way!

Are There Side Effects to the class?

Yes! You will be more at peace, you'll find yourself unflappable even in difficult situations, your worries and fears will be largely gone, and you will no longer suffer. You will default to happiness!

  • Your vibration will raise

  • You will attract higher vibrational people into your life

  • You will naturally avoid lower vibrational experiences and information

  • You'll be less likely to drop into negative emotional experiences like boredom, fear, anger, irritation, disappointment, jealousy, yearning, sadness, depression, hopelessness, and shame.

  • You will experience higher highs

  • You will be more self confident

  • You will enter into a state of acceptance and appreciation

  • You will be more peaceful, joyful, and euphoric

  • Your life will be more abundant and satisfying

  • You will attract more encounters, emotions, and experiences of sheer bliss into your life

  • Your spiritual gifts and extra senses will naturally open

  • You will have a closer connection to your higher self, your spirit guides and angels

  • Your body will respond to this with increased blood flow and deeper breathing

  • You will have less stress

  • The highest vibrational frequency, Unconditional Love, will be more easily within reach

  • You will be able to manifest what you prefer and avoid what you do not

  • True enlightenment, samadhi and paramananda will be closer than they have ever been


  • Six 2-hour Class Sessions with lessons and activations to Remove Negative Entity Attachments, Understand the Role of Emotions in our lives, Raise your Vibration, Realize your Divinity, Overcome Suffering, Conquer Desire and Move into a state of Acceptance, Discover your own Perfection, Learn how to follow and discover your Life's Purpose, Love Yourself Unconditionally, Overcome Depression, Learn how to listen to the Master within, and more. Additionally, each class will have time available for a live Q&A Session.

  • Classes also contain hours of activations given in an order and spacing that allows time for energetic integration and a stacking or building of a new paradigm of feeling and thinking. Activations like the Soul Essence Activation for the Meridians, the Chakras, the Dan’Tiens, and the chakras above the crown. Trauma Release and Emotional burden release activations, Raise your Vibration Activations, Connecting with Source, Transforming Low-Vibrational emotions with higher ones, Loving Yourself Unconditionally, Feeling worthy of a Fantastic Romantic Relationship, Confidence Boost activations, and on and on...

  • A private 30-minute session is included to resolve your own specific traumas and issues that cannot be done easily in a class setting.

  • Every MP3 Activation that I sell in my store as free tools to assist with any extreme emotional experiences life brings you -- a serious breakup, a particularly nerve-racking event, etc... 

  • A lifetime Subscription to every MP3 Activation that I ever create - You will join an exclusive club of subscribers who will receive any future activations that I produce for life -- for free!

  • A support group for life. You will become a part of a private Facebook community with unlimited access to ask me any questions about the course material or situations happening in your life. You'll also get to work with your classmates and future classmates in a positive and loving support community.

  • 30% off All Sessions with Xane. Any time you'd like any private session with me, you will receive 30% off -- for life.

  • Access to Future Class Materials - As I continue to refine this class over time, lessons will be updated and available to be viewed online for all past and present students.

If you consider the number of hours, activations, private session time, and all of my downloads, you're looking at a $4100+ value, and that doesn't count the future MP3 Activations and the benefits you will receive from the lifetime support group. 


Your investment in this program is only a fraction of this price.


Beginning on April 20

Set up a Video Chat with Xane Daniel to discuss enrollment, available slots, and whether it's a good fit.

Testimonial Christine Urban

I’m speechless. I’m in a such a state that if people came into my house right now, crying, shouting, whatever... I would just smile at them.


Your personality, empathy, and your activations are working on the highest level of our being. The activations work immediately and a change is noticeable even on the outside. Everything you say is such a deep wisdom. Even if I’ve heard some of it before, it brings me to a deeper level of awakening.


I cannot thank you enough and I’m so glad that I chose to join this class. It’s UN-BE-LIEVABLE.  It’s life-changing. I have to say, honestly, it’s really life-changing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you is all that I can say. Thank you. Thank you!


Christine Urban.png

Testimonial Annelie Gallea

Xane is a perceptive, high-level, authentic transpersonal facilitator, teacher, wisdom keeper, and communicator. He mixes various modalities with years of experience to guide (and challenge) us to release our limitations -- and to reach our highest potential in a unique, accessible and interesting way. We had fun and were amazed.


Xane’s activations ~ wow!


We gained new knowledge and remembrance to access the core of what really matters. Quickly, in a lucid, heart-centered way with immediate tangible results.

Xane, yours are some of the best classes I've taken! And that's saying a lot ~ I've been on a journey of self-discovery and service for decades, with exceptional teachers. 

And our group is really high-level too. It's an honor to be here.

Funny thing: I didn't really know a lot about Xane ~ I read his blog, watched some vids ~ but I knew I needed to be here. And this has far surpassed any expectations I may have had.


Testimonial Circle - Annelie-Evans.png

Testimonial Ramona Burch

I found Xane when he was a guest on Patty Malek’s show, and I immediately connected with him through his activations on her broadcast. When I did a 30-minute session with him, I was totally blown away by how spiritually rejuvenated within my soul and physical being I became during that session!

I am so grateful that I joined Xane’s class. It was one of the very best things that I’ve ever done! I could feel my vibration level rise immensely and I still feel a deep spiritual connection to Xane and his amazing activations, videos, and classes. I also made some beautiful friends and I’m thankful that I have access to Xane’s activations and classes for life.

Xane Daniel’s work is food for my soul and high vibrational well-being. I can never thank you enough for the fantastic work that you do every single day, Xane! I’m so grateful to be connected to you and your wonderful gift! I love you unconditionally.


Testimonial Circle - Ramona.png
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