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Safe in Phoenix, Arizona

On Monday, March 16th, I awoke to discover that Los Angeles had shut down the seating areas of their restaurants and bars -- which was a brand new and startling occurrence. (one week later, as I'm writing this now, it's a foregone conclusion. My how quickly things change!)

As I returned to my van after being denied the ability to enter my favorite restaurant, I decided to watch a BBC video of Covid-19 events unfolding in Europe. To my shock and surprise, I learned that most of Europe had now declared that people shouldn't (or couldn't) leave their homes at all.

This quickly made me realize that -- uh oh -- I live in a van. What happens if we were to declare the same thing in Los Angeles, and the cops or the National Guard told me to go home, "But officer, I am home. This is my home."

I just didn't want to give the authorities the dominion to decide what should happen to me and my travel partner, Whisper.

So my mind started racing -- WHO could host me (and give me a home to live in) until this crisis is declared over? My friend Doug in Phoenix! (Actually, he lives in Surprise, AZ, which definitely needs an exclamation point in the title.)

So that same day (Monday) I drove six hours and arrived in Surprise before 8pm. The next day I was informed that they weren't letting people cross the border out of California. (Still not sure if that is true, but it made me feel good about my decision to go at the time!)

So I've now been here for a week, and I'm practicing social distancing. This is an interesting process, as I really enjoy being out and about... But I'm still taking walks, going to hiking trails, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors. We're not in Martial Law here in Arizona yet (Oh, sorry, I mean shelter-in-place) so driving to trails is not frowned-upon -- yet! We'll see how long that lasts.

I had the amazing opportunity to appear on KAren Swain's live community Zoom gathering on Sunday, which went splendidly, and I have some more online appearances coming up over the next few weeks. (I'll be sending updates to my mailing list as those get closer -- be sure to sign up if you haven't already! You can do that here.)

I'm also very hard at work creating YouTube videos that cover the topics I've been discussing of late, like the Terrestrial Emotions, Re-tuning those emotions, and some new twists to the Gratefulness Practice that I look forward to releasing soon. I'll be making Blog Posts on each of these topics in tandem with the video releases, so be sure to keep checking back!

Despite the tragedy as the number of cases grows and the death toll mounts, there are some pretty interesting developments happening in the global consciousness as the world handles life stuck at home. More on this topic soon, too!

I just wanted to give you a quick update as to my whereabouts and how I've put my VANLIFE TOUR on hold until this passes us by.

Thanks for reading and I'll be seeing you again soon!

I love you unconditionally -- from Surprise, Arizona.

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